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Alexander in Primary Education

Alexander in primary education

A Workbook and Practical Guide to Teaching the Alexander Technique in Primary Schools

This is a book for Alexander Technique Teachers who are interested in working with children aged 3-11 years.      

   Teachers of the Alexander Technique are specifically trained to work with adults. Usually absolutely no training is given with regard to working with children. The teaching techniques we are taught and the language that we use to communicate the principles of the Alexander Technique (AT) to pupils is mostly unsuitable for children, particularly children aged between 3 and 6 years.

Almost by accident I found myself working in a primary school and, as I could find no one to help me, was forced to make it up as I went along. My aim was to find simple ways to apply the AT to the school day in a typical (i.e. under-funded and over-crowded) primary school. 

   Every suggestion in this book has emerged from practical experience gained over more than twenty-years of finding new and better ways to apply Alexander work to the whole school day. The aim has always been to integrate Alexander work into the school day as seamlessly as possible. This had rarely been attempted before the project at Latchmere Infants School in 1994. The Technique is most usually treated as a separate entity, often for just a small number of pupils – similar to musical instrument lessons for example. 

   The work began in less than ideal conditions in a local state-run primary school. Eventually I was lucky enough to be a founder member of Educare Small School where this work has always been a valued and essential part of the school.

   This book is primarily intended as the course book and workbook for Alexander teachers and students who are training to teach the Alexander Technique in Primary Education by taking The Developing Self Education Training Course. It can, however, be used independently of the training course. It can be used as an aid to private study or, better still, by a group of AT teachers working together to experiment with the exercises and procedures in the book and to discuss some of the ideas. The book contains the information that is taught on the course plus extra information. 

   As an added bonus the book also includes the two stories written by Sue for children aged 3 to 7: “The Story of Terry Tall and Digby Down” and “Terry and Digby Go to the Beach”. These stories have proven to be very popular with children and teachers all over the world.


By Sue Merry MSTAT

Nothing even remotely like this book existed when I set sail on this course of work in 1994 and so I hope you find it helpful, I know I definitely would have!

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If you are enrolled on The Developing Self Education Training Course there is no need to buy this book as we will give a copy to you during the training.

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"Alexander in Primary Education" can be purchased worldwide as a paperback book from Amazon. Here is a link to Amazon UK. The book is also available from Amazon US and  Amazon DE  Amazon FR  Amazon ES  Amazon IT  Amazon JP

Alexander in Secondary & Tertiary Education


A Workbook & Practical Guide to Teaching Alexander Technique in Secondary & Tertiary Institutions

Aimed at Alexander Teachers interested in working in secondary and tertiary educational institutions. This book includes: 

• Practical exercises, games and ideas to introduce the fundamental concepts of the Alexander Technique. 

• A discussion of the most effective language and approach for working with students and young people. 

• An examination of how Alexander teachers can collaborate with educational institutions. 

• A history of Alexander in secondary and tertiary settings. 

By Judith Kleinman AGSM MSTAT

Students on Our Course Get This Book Free

If you are enrolled on The Developing Self Education Training Course there is no need to buy this book as we will give a copy to you during the training. 

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"Alexander in Secondary and Tertiary Education" can be purchased worldwide as a paperback book from Amazon. Here is a link to Amazon UK. Also available world-wide including Amazon US 

The Labyrinth of Gar


Updated, Revised and Available as an e-Book and Paperback


Heroes, villains and some very odd creatures. You will laugh, you will cry, you will hide behind the sofa. The Labyrinth of Gar is an adventure story that begins in the world as we know it and then takes us on a journey to a rather odd place where anything is possible. Enjoy the adventures of Katie, Sarah and Arthur as they outwit monsters (some of the time), meet unlikely allies and follow a quest that takes them into the Labyrinth of Gar.

This is a unique book. It is an enjoyable, exciting and fun story but also an introduction to the principles of the Alexander Technique. The author, Alexander Teacher Sue Merry MSTAT, is recognised as a pioneer in adapting and teaching the Alexander Technique to primary school children. She is a founder member of Educare Small School where the principles of the Alexander Technique are seamlessly woven into the school day. 

In 1998 Sue started to write this book one chapter at a time. Each week she would read a new chapter to the children of Educare Small School as a way of reinforcing Alexander principles by giving them an interesting context. The children enjoyed the story enormously and often asked for a copy so they could read it at home. Finally in 2004 she self-published the book using an early print on demand service. It contained illustrations enthusiastically provided by Educare children and some illustrations by Sue's daughter Amy - who has since gone on to a very successful career as a professional graphic designer/artist. The book proved very popular but eventually the publishing company folded and the book became unavailable. The manuscript needed to be revised and updated and Sue never seemed to find the time to do this. Now, at last, here is a brand new edition of this much loved story. The text has been revised and corrected and new information has been appended.

The Labyrinth of Gar is suitable as a self-read for some children and also a very useful teaching aid for Alexander Teachers who have a child or a group of children as pupils. The suggested 7 - 12 age range for this book is very much a guideline and totally dependant on the individual reader. For example, over the years the book has proven popular with some teenagers as well as a few adults.

Whoever you are and whatever your reasons are for reading this book, may you find yourself swept up into the story and may you always remember the magic words!

Available as an eBook and a Paperback

Finally The Labyrinth of Gar is available to buy again. You can buy it as a paperback book or to read on your tablet or Kindle.

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the Alexander Technique for Musicians

The Alexander Technique for Musicians


The Alexander Technique for Musicians is a unique guide for all musicians, providing a practical, informative approach to being a successful and comfortable performer. Perfect as an introduction to the Alexander Technique, or to supplement the reader's lessons, the book looks at daily and last-minute practice, breathing, performance and performance anxiety, teacher–pupil relationships, ensemble skills, and the application of the Alexander Technique to instrumental and vocal work.  

Complete with diagrams and photographs to aid the learning process, as well as step-by-step procedures and diary entries written by participating students, The Alexander Technique for Musicians gives tried-and-tested advice, drawn from the authors' twenty-plus years of experience working with musicians, providing an essential handbook for musicians seeking the most from themselves and their art. 

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The Alexander Technique For Young Musicians

A reference for students and teachers

 The Alexander Technique helps musicians develop: 

Powerful Performance Confidence, Comfort, Effective Practice and Musical Awareness.

This book helps students and teachers apply the Alexander Technique to their music making in practice, rehearsal and performance.