The Developing Self Education Training Course USA

From Pre-School to Young Adult


Stand by for an exceptional, one-off chance to study this course in Urbana, Illinois in the USA. 

The Developing Self Education Training Course is proving to be the course that all AT Teachers interested in Education work have been waiting for. Our courses in the UK are always fully-booked and attract students from all over the world. The course we ran in New York and San Diego in 2019 were amazingly successful:  

"An even deeper gratitude to you both for the workshop again. It had such a beautiful rhythm and flow. The teaching you both shared felt sequential and each step supported the step before...yet each teaching could live independently and could be a day in itself. :) Pom Pom!!

I worked with a 6 year old girl yesterday and integrated the Ready List and some dream drawing with her along with movement and wow, what a session.

I love how you shared Alexander with us. it was very reminiscent of my teachers process. She would say if you are not having fun you are not teaching the Alexander Technique. She would teach us about teaching to your students strengths. See the ease and you could start there. She always included the heart and what it would feel like to organize around our heart along with our thinking. Allow your heart to be present in the room."

The entire course will be taught over four consecutive days with all training materials supplied - this includes copies of the books "Alexander in Primary Education" and "Alexander in Secondary and Tertiary Education." 

Our graduates find that the course helps and inspires their current work with children and young adults or gives them the confidence to try this work for the first time. 

Although we focus on working in an educational environment you will find that the course content can equally be applied in one-to-one or small group situations with most age-groups, including adults!

Open to all Alexander Teachers and final semester students

This is a certified course taught over four consecutive days

Devised and taught by Sue Merry MSTAT and Judith Kleinman MSTAT AGSM


Dates and Details

The Developing Self Education Training Course comes to the USA again in the spring 2021

Sue and Judith will be teaching the full certified course over four consecutive days. This is an excellent opportunity for US-based AT Teachers and final semester students to take this course without having to travel to London.

The course content will be exactly the same as the content normally taught over two weekends in London.

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Some Testimonials

Christine Betsill, Chicago

  The “Developing Self” is an essential workshop for Alexander teachers that are interested in bringing the work into educational settings. Judith and Sue have brought extensive thought, care, humor, and deep experience into the framework of the developing self. For me, it was a wonderful way to work on myself as a teacher, and also to grow my work as an educator. 

Amanda MacDonald, Chicago

 Judith and Sue teach with generosity, creating a welcoming environment and sharing their years of experience in the classroom. I immediately began incorporating what I learned from them into my teaching at every level 

Julia Caulder, Park City, Utah

 In San Diego, Judith and Sue created such a wonderful atmosphere for learning. It was eye opening how they worked with college-age students and children. It was inspiring to view the video of children incorporating the Alexander Technique into their daily school routine. 

Deirdre Crean, Michigan, USA and Ireland

This course is truly beneficial for all Alexander teachers, whether one works

with children or not. Sue and Judith shared tried and tested work with confidence, ease and generosity.

I feel much more encouraged and equipped to approach work with children, teens, young adults and anyone!


Urbana, Illinois

Registration Available Soon


DATES: 18th - 21st March 2021

LOCATION: University of Illinois in Urbana

905 W Nevada St.

Nevada A Studio

Urbana, IL 61801

United States     

FEE: £540

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Until the global situation stabilises we will not be taking bookings for the Urbana course. However you can REGISTER YOUR INTEREST here by contacting Rose Bronec