Free Resources For AT Teachers

Here you will find resources and links to help you to teach the Alexander Technique in education at primary school, secondary school and tertiary levels. Many of the resources are also suitable to use with private pupils. Various resources will be added here from time to time. You might want to join our mailing list so that we can keep you up to date with any changes.

Educare Movement Circle

All the movements from Educare Movement Circle demonstrated by Sue Merry. Refer to the book "Alexander in Primary Education" by Sue Merry to understand what is happening here.

Useful Movements With Direction

A series of videos from Judith Kleinman demonstrating some of the movements that she teaches on the Developing Self Education Training Course. See the course materials for more information.

How to Draw a Simple Labyrinth

Sue Merry has created a system for teaching the Alexander Technique in Primary Education. She has discovered that using labyrinths on their own, and also combined with "Lazy 8" shapes (Lazy Labyrinths), helps children to integrate the principles of Alexander work into writing and drawing skills. 

The Ready List

Some updates for the Ready List. 

This video is for graduates of our Alexander in Education Training Course. 

Take the Ready List to a whole new level by adding in these extra elements.


The Alexander Times - Volumes 1+2

The Alexander Times was the journal created and produced by the pupils of the Little School, the first school for children based on the principles of the Alexander Technique.

Judith Kleinman & Peter Buckoke

All about their work at the RCM and much more. Alexander Now


Link here to two podcasts by Esther Miltiadous. She is interviewed by Robert Rickover and talks about working with primary school children and also about her work at Educare Small School. Listen Here

STAT Education Page

Alexander in Education

STAT's informative website for the general public. Includes information on which educational establishments currently teach the AT.

Other Useful Videos

An explanation of how use deteriorates from childhood and how the AT can help us.

Astonishing example of the power of good use!

How good use turns us into Superman!