Find an Alexander Teacher for your School or College

Below you will find a list of some of the teachers who have completed the Alexander in Education Foundation Course as taught by The Developing Self. All these teachers are qualified  members of professional Alexander Technique societies. We do not recommend or endorse any individual teachers but merely offer a list of teachers who wish to work in education and have reinforced that commitment by completing one of our courses. 

There are many more teachers who have completed our courses but are not yet listed on the website.

A full list of all STAT qualified teachers can be found on the official STAT website

UK Teachers

South Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire.

Ellie Rouse MSTAT

I have been teaching 4 year olds in a large nursery three mornings a week over the last half of the summer term. These children are starting school in September. Most of the children will be attending the local primary school and I'm hoping to continue teaching them one morning a week when they get to 'big school' in order to continue their Alexander thinking.
I'm also teaching Year 2 at my sons school as part of their final term week, off curriculum, give everyone a much needed break day
Mobile: 07968964523 

London and Hertfordshire

 Esther Miltiadous BSc MSc MSAT

I am based in North London / Enfield area, England, but work throughout London and Hertfordshire.

I have worked at Educare Small School as an Alexander Technique teacher with Sue Merry for over 4 years with children 3-11 year olds.

I also give AT workshops to the music scholars and staff at The City of London Girls School and work with secondary age pupils individually, often working with them to help reduce anxiety and increase confidence for performance and everyday living.

Lastly, I am involved in a research project at a Primary school in North London. We are looking into the effect of replacing standard school plastic bucket chair with wooden flat seated stools and also giving the children basic Alexander embodied awareness. We want to see if these interventions have any effect on the comfort, posture and focus of the children.

I am happy to work with kindergarten, primary, secondary pupils.

Mobile: 07966416110

For more information my website is


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Noriko Sakura MSTAT 


Cambridge, North Essex, West Suffolk and Hertfordshire


Noriko Sakura MSTAT

I have extensive experience in the performing arts and teach young people in schools and colleges in both in the UK and the Far East.

I offer private lessons in my own studio in a village near Saffron Walden, have a weekly clinic in Cambridge and make home visits in my area where three counties meet.

I offer workshops for groups as well as individual lessons.

I am happy to run workshops for young people in new to Alexander Technique.

Mobile: 0796 0253 094

East Sussex

Kate Minogue



I give private lessons at my home in Lewes (BN7 1NR) and am available to work with groups at any suitable location.



 Maria Mac Dalland 

 til. 31 23 52 07


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 Regina Stratil


0043 664 2525874


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