The Alexander Technique in Primary Education

The Primary School Curriculum

Inset Training for Staff


An initial inset training of a minimum of two hours (ideally a whole day) consisting of an introductory Alexander Technique workshop for school teaching staff.
The aim of this training is to give participants some hands-on experience of Alexander work and to include some helpful ideas and techniques that can be used immediately.

With the school’s permission the Alexander Teacher will have already assessed the school environment and taken some photographs. They will then present their findings as part of the inset training and give suggestions as to how any desirable changes might be implemented. The aim being to create, as much as possible, an environment that supports the Alexander work and thus enables both children and adults to be as free from stress and back pain as possible and to be poised, centred and focused.
The Alexander Teacher will both explain and demonstrate how they intend to initially proceed to introduce the Alexander Technique into the whole school

Introduction of The Alexander Technique to the Children


This might be done one class at a time. The AT teacher will use various methods to establish a common language and understanding of the basic principles of the Alexander Technique. The main purpose of this first lesson is to establish a context with the children to enable further teaching. This lesson could take place in the classroom or make use of the usual PE slot and venue.

Developing Alexander Work


The Alexander Teacher now develops their work with the children, again working with one class at a time. This lesson will ideally occupy the usual PE slot and will mostly involve playing games and role-playing in order to experience the principles of the Alexander Technique in action.

Introducing Educare Movement Circle and Educare Quiet Time.

The Alexander Teacher gives a presentation to school staff where they are taken through all the relevant movements and procedures. Handouts and videos may be used as reminders. EMC and EQT are then introduced to the children one class at a time if possible. The school is encouraged to use EMC and EQT every day. Perhaps EMC could become a part of, or replacement for, morning assembly?

A Second Inset/Workshop Session for Staff

This is to enable teaching staff to discuss the work that the Alexander Teacher and they have done so far. This is an opportunity for the teaching staff to speak freely and to present the Alexander Teacher with their experiences. It is a good time to iron out any teething problems and to make a plan for the way forward.  

More Info Soon

There will be more information about AT in Primary education soon. Please contact us with your questions.

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