Short Courses for Your School or College

We have many Alexander Teachers who are specifically trained to deliver a standardised Alexander Technique curriculum at Primary, Secondary or Tertiary level. This is the Alexander in Education Foundation Course.

You can introduce this curriculum into your school or college or you can ask the teacher to tailor the work to suit your individual requirements.

General information about the Alexander Technique in Education can also be found on the dedicated website created by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)

Alexander in Education Curricula

Primary Schools


A structured curriculum is available to primary schools. It is also possible to tailor any programme to suit your individual requirements. More information about the relevance of the Alexander Technique in Primary Education can be found here

Secondary Schools


Learn why Alexander work is relevant and important for Secondary Schools.

Tertiary Colleges



Alexander in Education

This video gives an overview of why many schools and colleges believe the Alexander Technique (AT) to be essential.

 “The Alexander Technique bears the same relation to education that education bears to all other human activities” John Dewey  

The Alexander in Education website lists many schools and colleges that are currently offering Alexander work to their students. It explains why the AT is increasingly recognised as an educational approach that improves a child's mental, emotional, physical and academic wellbeing.