" I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an inspiring workshop, with such amazing and wonderful people. Sue and Judith are outstanding educators, generous and engaging, while also committed to enriching both the learning and teaching experiences. 

The workshop was developed and based on not only on what I consider to be the essence of the AT work, but also education in its broadest sense. 

Guiding and not instructing us, individually and as a group, they encouraged and created a space which cultivated active thinking, through the means of observation, self-observation and exploration. Providing us the means whereby, we were able to share and develop a wide spectrum of approaches and ideas for the education journey. 

In the end, there are no perfect formulas for day to day situations, inside or outside the classroom, but we can develop ways to adapt to different circumstances with creativity, generosity, ease, freedom and support at is fullest."

Diana Beatriz MSTAT

November 2019

Certified Courses


The Developing Self Education Training Course

Primary School, Secondary School and Tertiary Levels 

A course taking place over two weekends, followed by the opportunity for on-site training. We offer this course in the London area of the UK. However if you would like us to bring the course to you - in whole or in part - please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also teaching the whole course over 4 consecutive days in the USA in 2019.

More info here

 "I took part in the first Education Course 2016-2017 and can warmly recommend it! Sue and Judith have a wealth of experience of working with young people of all ages and working in different educational environments and are freely sharing it..." Read More 

Suitable For

All interested Alexander Teachers and 9th term students – previous experience of working with children and young adults is not required. Teachers and students from all countries and all Alexander Technique professional bodies are welcomed. 

"I write this article still fired up with enthusiasm after completing the two-part training programme on teaching the AT in schools and colleges."  Full review here

Course Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to equip you with the necessary skills to go into schools and colleges to teach the Alexander Technique. Particular skills are required in order to teach children and young adults in an educational setting. We offer training in how to teach a specific, standard Alexander Technique curriculum - the Alexander in Education Foundation Course. The curriculum differs for primary school, secondary school and tertiary levels. Applying a curriculum would be a strong starting point for any school or college and for your longer-term association with them. 

 "I just wanted to say how the work over the weekend has changed my thinking about the technique.
 Something, many things, clicked during the weekend but I think mainly it was the importance to find it for myself, to own it as Sue put it, to stop trying to use other people's language and to really say NO to the need to get it right! .."
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Course Teachers

The course is devised and taught by Judith Kleinman MSTAT, AGSM and Sue Merry MSTAT. Both Judith  and Sue have extensive experience of teaching the Alexander Technique in education.  Sue has been finding unique ways of working with primary school children since 1994 and is a founder member of Educare Small School where the Alexander Technique is integrated into the school day.  Judith teaches at the Royal College of Music and The Junior Academy of Music. She co-ordinates the STAT Education Special Interest group and is working and collaborating on taking Alexander work into secondary schools. More

 Judith and Sue are delightful teachers. This thoughtfully designed, comprehensive workshop inspired and informed me as an A.T. teacher in a university setting and as the parent of a young child.  ––Kristin Marrs, Iowa City 

Weekend One: Introducing the Alexander Technique into a School Environment

"I just wanted to say thanks again for an inspiring and really enjoyable weekend. Lots of new ideas and food for thought, already looking forward to February!"

This workshop introduces the work already being undertaken in education and also looks at the history of the Alexander Technique in Education. Specific focus will be given to the work currently underway at Educare Small School, Secondary Schools and the Royal College of Music. More information below.

Weekend Two: Developing Alexander Technique Work in a School Environment

In the course of this weekend will explore in detail how to teach specific procedures that any school can integrate into the school day. More information below.

Weekend One Course Content


During this weekend we will explore the following:

  •  A standard curriculum to offer to schools that might be interested in working with the Alexander Technique - The Alexander in Education Foundation Course. This curriculum will be different for Primary Schools and Schools at Secondary Level and beyond.
  • We will begin to teach you some of the skills that you will need to implement these curricula. In this workshop we will specifically focus on:

  1. What you might include in a preliminary inset day for teachers. For example, helping them to make connections between looking at their own use and understanding the importance of good use for everyone in the classroom.
  2. Exploring how the proposed Alexander Technique curriculum will interface with and complement a school’s curriculum plus the National Curriculum. 
  3. How to structure an initial session with a class of primary children.
  4. How to structure an initial session with a class of secondary children/young adults.
  5. Tips for managing groups of children and young adults.
  6. Hands-on work with children and young adults.

Weekend Two Course Content


With Judith

  • We will look carefully at ways to introduce Body Mapping in a digestible and relevant way to teenagers. 
  • Further explore the relevance of our work on thinking, impulse control, attitude and approach to life for younger people. 
  • Discuss and experiment with how our teaching can include movement to avoid getting too static and how we can keep the principles alive within in movement that is accessible to younger students.
  • Looking at how young people can engage with technology phones and computers in a healthy and constructive way.
  • Further look at ways how to help teenagers make the work their own.

With Sue

We will continue to work through the proposed curriculum for Primary Schools. In particular she will be teaching:

  • Educare Movement Circle. This is how every day begins at Educare. We will deconstruct Movement Circle, focusing on each of the key movements in turn and discussing and experimenting with ideas for the ‘middle section’.
  • Educare Quiet Time. Every day the whole school stops for a short period of relaxation and focus. We will look at and experience every element of Quiet Time. Plus we will discuss and experiment with your ideas.
  • Games to explore AT principles.
  • Working at a desk/table in the classroom. We will especially focus on the use of writing/drawing implements.
  • Revising the work done in weekend one with the opportunity for questions and clarifications.


Our courses are certified by The Charity for the F Matthias Alexander Technique. At the completion of both weekends you will be offered a certificate if you belong to a STAT-affiliated society. Non-affiliates are warmly welcomed to join our courses too and will receive a simple Developing Self course completion certificate.

On-Site Training

After the completion of both weekends you will be offered the chance to experience AT work either at Educare Small School or at the Royal College of Music. This will be organised to suit the availability of trainees and of Sue and Judith.  

When and Where


Workshop One:  

November 16th and November 17th 2019

Day One: 10.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs

Day Two: 10.00 hrs to 16.30 hrs

There will be a one hour lunch break each day. 

Workshop Two: 

February 22nd and 23rd 2020 - timings the same as workshop one.


Faithspace Community Centre

Redcliffe Methodist Church,

Prewett Street, Bristol, BS1 6PB.  

Booking and More Info

Please note that for to book the Bristol course you will need to contact our facilitator in Bristol Henry Fagg 


Weekend One:


Early bird booking rate until March 31st 2019 - £160

Weekend Two:


Note: We are currently running just one course a year in the UK and places are limited to only 20 participants. Join our mailing list to hear about this and other news.


We are also teaching the whole course over 4 consecutive days in Urbana Illinois the USA in March 2020.

More info USA


More Information & Booking

Drop us a line!

To Book a Course or to Enquire about Availability

If you want to enquire about one of our advertised courses, then please get in touch with us. To book the Urbana USA course please use this link

NOTE: Places on all our courses are limited, especially the USA courses. If you wish to reserve your place please contact us now.

Bringing Our Teaching to You

We can bring our courses to you if you are unable to come to us. The course can be taught in whole or part, for a group or for an individual. For example you may only be interested in teaching in secondary education. Or perhaps your group are particulary interested in ways of working with very young children - 3yrs-11yrs. Talk to us and we can tailor a programme just for you.


(+44) 07 5050 108 91

IMPORTANT to book or enquire about the Bristol course please call:

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