From the Heart


My interest in Alexander in Education work grew out of having lessons in my teens. I was in pain and finding various aspects of learning very difficult. Alexander lessons were transformative, the work has been a good friend to me and I soon knew I wanted to be involved with this approach to my life. Lessons helped me to find a way of organizing myself and understanding  “Use”. I started to find that I could choose my thinking, respect my emotions and find a balance between them and my movement. I began to discover what sensing is and how everyday movement matters and has such a big effect. I started to notice how I was approaching what I was doing, when I wasn’t concentrating, when I lost a sense of embodiment. Perhaps the most useful thing of all though was being more in charge of my energy.   I have become fascinated in taking the work to younger students and asking questions about Education. Is our Education system working well? When we look at the how unhappy, stressed and uncomfortable many young people are. Teaching teenagers privately and at the Junior Royal Academy and the Royal College of Music has confirmed for me just how important our work can be to teens and young adults. Having my own children and thinking about their education was again helpful in recognizing how Alexander work has so much to offer young people, helping with all aspects of learning and wellbeing. This is when they establish their ideas, opinions and patterns of behavior and have a curiosity about themselves and how society works. Whilst they are faced with the many challenges of modern life, school day’s which can be so sedentary and long, they can find a way to be more comfortable and alert. I have seen how Alexander work helps them to have more confidence in themselves and take charge of their choices. My vision is that all schools will help integrate these ideas into every school day and bridge the gap between well being and learning how to learn.