July 4th & 5th 2020 London - Book Now!

Join us for two days of exciting presentations and workshops from a range of

experienced Alexander Technique teachers and experts from parallel fields at: 

Resource for London,
356 Holloway Road,
London, N7 6PA.


Speakers include: 

Ron Colyer, Kirsten Harris, Sue Merry, Judith Kleinman, Rod Cunningham from

"Philosophy For Children", Harriet Anderson, Ellie Rouse, Polly Waterfield, Catherine

Fleming, Victoria Cresswell, Esther Miltiadous, Roxani Eleni-Garifalaki, Daniella

Sangiorgio, Andy Smith, Liz Steinhal, head teacher at Educare Small School, Stephen

Williams, Director of Music at Bryanston School, and a panel of young people

discussing what they need from education.

More detailed information about the programme and how to book your place can be found below


 Photo copyright: Sasin Tipchai, via Pixabay 

Who is This Conference For?

Saturday 4th July - AT Teachers and Trainees

Saturday morning is for Alexander Technique Teachers and Trainees only. Saturday afternoon has been organised by STAT and includes the STAT AGM and the Memorial Lecture. This year the lecture will be delivered by Peter Buckoke and is titled "Learning How to Learn". 

Sunday 5th July - is for Everyone

All are welcome to the event on Sunday. We sincerely hope to attract anyone who is involved in the world of education at any level in any way. Come and join us as we head towards a bright future for our children and young adults.

Conference Timetable

Saturday July 4th


9.00 am: Registration and choose your workshops.  

You can choose one workshop each from blocks A, B, C and D when you register on Saturday morning.

9.25 am: Welcome 



09.30 am – 10.15 am

Teaching Teenagers at High School  - Kirsten Harris MSTAT  

Kirsten will talk about how she introduces Alexander Technique to children, with practical demonstrations and ideas. Teaching in a state education context Kirsten has developed a largely hands-off way of working with the children. This is the first time she has presented her discoveries of how to do this to teachers. 

Hypermobility in Teens - An AT perspective  - Roxani-Eleni Garefalaki MSTAT

This will be a talk on the effects of hypermobility in Teens, in relation to education and other activities, with special focus on how the Alexander Technique can be the best way to prevent misuse and harmful situations. 


10.15 am – 11.00 am

Sport in Schools: Achieve the Gain Without The Pain - Andy Smith  

The presentation will look at how AT can help sports students amid a typical culture of 'no pain, no gain'. It will address some of the challenges of how to get AT into school sports and include ideas on how to approach sports departments and how to work practically with children in a sports setting. I will also share some useful photo and video resources to help introduce key Alexander principles into sport.

Collaborating with Teenagers - Polly Waterfield, Catherine Fleming & Victoria Cresswell  

This will be an interactive workshop on collaborating with teenagers, helping them to own their experience and articulate it in a way that is meaningful to them.


11.00 – 11.30: Tea Break


11.30 – 12.00 

Working in Pre-Schools and Primary Schools - Ellie Rouse  

A talk on working in a nursery with groups of 4-year olds before moving onto primary school. Creating a curriculum using The Developing Self training.

Workshops for children in Primary schools. Approaching schools and finding where the AT can fit into the school curriculum. 

STAT’s Strategic Education Project- Value Proposition Design and the importance of evidence-based courses. 

Esther Miltiadous  BSc, MSc, MSTAT

This talk will summarise what Value Proposition Design is and how and why it has been used in this project. It will also present the reasons for considering producing evidence-based courses for the education market and how STAT envisages achieving this. 



12.00 – 12.30


Learning Other Ways of Being: The Alexander Technique and Learning to Speak a Foreign Language -  Harriet Anderson Ph.D., MSTAT

In this short workshop we will explore and share some practical ways in which applying the principles of AT can support adults who are learning to speak a foreign language. We will also consider how similar learning processes are involved in learning AT and foreign language learning.  

Working with Mothers and Babies - Daniela Sangiorgio     

I have developed a 5-week course for mums and babies, during which mums explore how to take care of themselves when lifting, carrying and feeding their babies, as well as pushing their prams and playing with them. During the sessions mums also learn strategies to deal with their anxiety and daily challenges. In this workshop, I will give a practical demonstration of how I run the Alexander Technique class for mums and babies. I will show how I incorporate singing and movement which are an important part to involve the babies and encourage bonding. I will explain how I structure the lesson and the difficulties and realisations I have encountered in teaching this group.

Sunday July 5th


9.30 am: Registration

10.00 – 10.30: Welcome and Movement Circle

15 min presentations + 15 min Q&A


10.30 – 11.00

Learning to be Safe - Sue Merry 

What is the connection between learning and anxiety? Is there a connection? Can these questions possibly be answered in a 15-minute presentation? I certainly hope not; but we might make some headway. I am inviting you to help me to understand how the nervous system is hard-wired to keep us safe and if that is why education can so often be a stressful experience. And if so, what can we do about it? 

11.00 – 11.30

Young People’s Panel – Education in a Changing World  

We will hear from young people themselves about how they see their lives, their education, and how Alexander work might help with the challenges facing young people today and in the future. A panel of teenagers from different backgrounds including Extinction Rebellion and Educare, in conversation with Judith Kleinman and Polly Waterfield. 


11.30 – 11.35: Movement Break

11.35 – 11.55: Tea Break

11.55 – 12.00: Movement Break


12.00 – 12.45

Childhood Reflexes & Neural Developmental Delay

Ron Colyer


12.45 – 13.10

Transforming Anxiety in Secondary Education  - Judith Kleinman  

Judith will share ideas, games and discussions that can introduce Alexander to teenagers and young adults. The workshop will link the work to integrating emotional intelligence and embodied awareness, focusing on ways to identify the signals of threat and anxiety and how to cue in safety and ease. This gives young people the skills of how to be calm, confident and coordinated when dealing with the pressurised world of secondary education. 

13.10 – 13.15: Movement Break

13.15 – 14.15: Lunch

14.15 – 14.30: Semi-Supine


14.30 – 15.30

An Introduction to Philosophy for Children (P4C)  - Rod Cunningham 

In this session I hope to address the following questions:

What is P4C?

What does it hope to achieve?

Where does it come from?

How does it operate in the UK?

… and along the way I will get you doing some activities and watching video clips of children in P4C sessions.

15.30 – 15.35: Movement Break

15.35 – 15.55: Tea Break

15.55 – 16.00: Movement Break


16.00 – 17. 15

Education Now Panel

A discussion on Alexander in Education going forwards.

Peter Buckoke chairs a panel of teachers including: Liz Steinthal (Educare), Stephen Williams (Bryanston) Lynnette Easterbrook (RCM)


17.20 – 17.30:  Short round-up and close. Ending with movements.

Conference Organisers

The Alexander in Education Conference 2020 is being organised by The Developing Self Collective in collaboration with STAT. We are a group of Alexander Teachers who are passionate about bringing the work into the world of education.

Find out more about us below

More Details About the Presenters

 To discover more about the wonderful people who have agreed to give presentations and workshops please click below

Booking Details

This is the first ever Alexander in Education Conference. We expect that there will be a great deal of interest both from the UK, Europe and far beyond. Places on the conference are of course limited by the size of the venue. If you intend to come then please book  your place as soon as possible. 

Book before April 1st 2020 and take advantage of our early-bird discount rate!

Booking is by email. If you click on the button below it will take you to our contact form.



Tickets cost:

Saturday July 4th :£45  

Sunday July 5th: £85 

Earlybird discount rate: Only £115 for both days if you book before 1st April 2020. 


Saturday July 4th :£35

Sunday July 5th: £75  

Earlybird discount rate: £95 for both days if you book before 1st April 2020.



You Can Submit a Booking Request Here. Please choose your booking option from the choices below. Simply type "Yes" in the field that applies to you in order to indicate which day/s you would like to attend. We will review your reservation and reply to you via email with a booking confirmation and an invoice. To take advantage of the early bird rate we must receive your request to attend both days of the conference no later than April 1st 2020. Once we receive your full payment your place will be secured. We look forward to sharing this event with you!

The Alexander in Education Conference 2020 is organised by The Developing Self


Conference Address

Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London, England N7 6PA, United Kingdom


Below are files that you might find helpful with regard to the conference. 

If you feel so inspired please share the Conference Flyer file with anyone you can think of who might find the conference of interest. 

Remember that we are aiming to also attract interested parties from outside of the Alexander world.

Conference Flyer (Please Share This File) (pdf)


Timetable for Conference (pdf)


Conference Organisers

Judith Kleinman


 Judith trained as a musician at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then went on to train to be an Alexander teacher with Mr Macdonald and Shoshanna Kaminitz. 

  Judith is now one of the Alexander teachers at the Royal College of Music and at the Junior Royal Academy of Music. She is assistant head of training at LCATT (London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training). More

Sue Merry


Sue has been working with Primary School Children since 1994. Sue is generally recognised as a pioneer and world expert on teaching the Alexander Technique to children aged 3-11 in a school environment. More

Peter Buckoke


 Peter Buckoke oversees the Alexander department at the RCM, where the technique is embedded in the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Peter is also professor of double bass at the RCM and plays both modern and baroque bass with various chamber groups in London.  More

Andy Smith


Andy teaches Alexander Technique at Uppingham School and in his private practice in north London. As a former sports journalist and county-level sportsman, he has a particular interest in movement and performance and he also teaches Alexander-inspired running technique.  More

With the Cooperation of STAT


Conference Presenters

Harriet Anderson Ph.D., MSTAT


     Harriet Anderson teaches AT in Brighton and Vienna. For many years she was a Lecturer at the University of Vienna, where she co-developed and taught courses in spoken communication skills for non-native speakers of English. She also taught at the University of Education in Vienna. There she led CPD seminars for teachers of English which incorporated many elements of AT.

Her book The Thinking Teacher’s Body: A Practical Guide to Teacher Well-Being, Vocal Health, and Development appeared in 2015.

Peter Buckoke MSTAT, HonRCM


 Peter Buckoke teaches and runs the Alexander department at the Royal College of Music. He is also a professor of Double Bass. 

Rod Cunningham


  Rod Cunningham has worked as a mathematics educator for over 30 years. He has been facilitating P4C since 2006. As a SAPERE trainer and trustee he works with teachers and schools to embed P4C practice as a central strand of the school’s life and activity.

SAPERE is the charity which promotes, and quality assures P4C training in the UK.


Victoria Cresswell


Victoria is in her second year of teaching music scholars at Bryanston School. She also teaches the Alexander Technique to pupils of all ages. She draws on her experience of teaching   movement improvisation and developmental/progressive movement to groups, as a means of inspiring and informing her approach.

Catherine Fleming BMus Hons, LTCL, FISM, FHEA, MSTAT


Catherine is both a musician and an Alexander Technique teacher. She works at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Eton College. Catherine trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter Carrington graduating in 2005. She appeared on the education panels at the 2018 AT International Congress in   Chicago and the 2016 AT in Music Conference at Trinity Laban College in London.

Roxani-Eleni Garefalaki MSTAT


Roxani trained at the Alexander Technique Studio in London, where she runs her practice. She is a Tai Chi and QiGong instructor, director and performance artist from Athens, Greece.  

Her desire to heal herself and understand the cause of her ailments brought her to the Alexander Technique. During her teacher training, she managed to heal from lupus (without any medication) and learn how to avoid triggering symptoms due to her EDS. Having a deep understanding of what being hypermobile means, she is using the Alexander Technique to help people become mindful through Movement and improve their quality of life. She works with children and young adults and has also taken part in medical research regarding improving movement in hyper mobile people with the AT.


Esther Miltiadous BSc, MSc, MSTAT


 Esther  graduated from LCATT in 2013. She works with Sue Merry at Educare Small School and has been part of the Alexander in Education (A in E) Special Interest Group as well as teaching privately. She helped organise and share ideas about working with young children at A in E Forums and jointly gave a workshop at the 2017 Leeds Conference. She helped set up the A in E Facebook page and Forum closed group for AT teachers and was part of the team that created the STAT ‘Alexander in Education’ microsite and film. She has also contributed to Robert Rickover’s ‘Body Learning’ podcasts. Esther has been part of STAT Council since 2018 and is heading up one of STAT’s strategic projects focused on the Education market. 

Ellie Rouse


Ellie trained to be an actress at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where she first encountered the Alexander Technique. She carried on exploring the Technique with Brita Forstrom at the City Lit. In 2013 she decided to train as an AT teacher. She began her training with Stephen Cooper at OATS. It was his work with children studying music that first sparked the idea of working with children, as well as Chie Cross. Ellie also studied with Ron Colyer, Frankie Skinner, Sue Merry and Judith Kleinman.

Daniela Sangiorgio MSTAT MBBA


Daniela is a Kodály teacher. Whilst working for Colourstrings she trained as an Alexander Technique teacher and attended the Developing Self Training course. Soon after graduating from LCATT in July 2018 she trained to be a Buteyko Breathing practitioner. Daniella now runs Mums and Babies classes. She is interested in promoting the Alexander work in the community. This has inspired her to run, with a local Alexander teacher, regular workshops called ‘Are you suffering from 21st Century Posture?’ She also gives collaborative workshops with a yoga teacher. As well as teaching adults and teenagers at her private practice, she gives regular talks and workshops for therapists at the HQ Therapy centre in London.

Daniela assists Peter Buckoke weekly at the Royal College of music, takes part in exploring Alexander in Education for families with Sue Merry and does a postgraduate at LCATT. 


Andy Smith MSTAT


 Andy is an Alexander Technique teacher, running coach and former sports journalist based in north London. He teaches AT at Uppingham School in Rutland and in his private practise, and offers running lessons, group classes and workshops around the capital 

Polly Waterfield MSTAT, ARCM


 Polly’s teaching has developed largely through working with teenagers. She established the Alexander department at Uppingham school 12 years ago and still teaches there. She also works with undergraduates from King’s College Choir, Cambridge. 

Judith Kleinman AGSM, MSTAT


Judith trained as a musician at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then went on to train to be an Alexander teacher with Mr Macdonald and Shoshanna Kaminitz. 

 Judith is now one of the Alexander teachers at the Royal College of Music and at the Junior Royal Academy of Music. She is assistant head of training at LCATT (London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training). More

Kirsten Harris MSTAT


Kirsten Harris is an Alexander Technique teacher and artist based in Scotland. She has taught the Alexander Technique to teenagers at the Edinburgh School of Music, based at Broughton High School for twenty years. She also taught AT for ten years at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh on the BA Honours acting degree to first and second year students. 

Elizabeth Steinthal B.Ed, M.A. Professional Development


Elizabeth Steinthal is the Head Teacher, founder and owner of Educare Small School in Kingston upon Thames. In the early nineties she was the Deputy Head Teacher at a local state school where she met Sue Merry and worked with her on a project to improve the quality of handwriting in the school through the use of the Alexander Technique.

Her 40+ years of teaching experience led her to two central beliefs; firstly that school should be a happy, enjoyable and useful time and, secondly, that most causes of children's failures at school lie within the inflexibility of school systems, teachers and parents and not within the child.

In 1997 she joined with Sue Merry again to make the Alexander Technique a key part of the curriculum at Educare Small School. Today the Alexander Technique runs seamlessly integrated into every school day through the days and weeks of the school year. Both Sue Merry, Esther Militiadous and Ellie Rouse work in the school and it hosts many Alexander Technique visitors. 

Conference Presenters

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Thanks for your patience!