July 4th & 5th 2020 London- booking info coming soon.

Join us for two days of exciting presentations and workshops from a range of

experienced Alexander Technique teachers and experts from parallel fields.

Speakers include: Ron Colyer, Sue Merry, Judith Kleinman, Rod Cunningham from

"Philosophy For Children", Harriet Anderson, Ellie Rouse, Polly Waterfield, Catherine

Fleming, Victoria Cresswell, Esther Miltiadous, Roxani Eleni-Garifalaki, Daniella

Sangiorgio, Andy Smith, Liz Steinhal, head teacher at Educare Small School, Stephen

Williams, Director of Music at Bryanston School, and a panel of young people

discussing what they need from education.

More detailed information about the programme and how to book your place will be released soon.


 Photo copyright: Sasin Tipchai, via Pixabay